The building enjoys double wall facades which provide superior sound and thermal insulation. Those facades’ finishes are a combination of stone cladding with mechanical fixation where necessary. They also enjoy external single layered textured paint and aluminum composite panels. As for the double glazed aluminum doors and windows, and the balconies with their aluminum balustrades, they offer an added touch of modernity. The two high speed lifts installed insure a state-of-the-art conveying system. White Project’s internal finishes are what makes it stand out as a unique residential project thanks to the marble flooring and skirting found in all living rooms, dining rooms and main balcony areas. The colors used are the elegant coffee brown and the fancy mocha.

The family spaces and bedrooms are not less special, as they enjoy the highly modern Botticino flooring. The kitchens, kitchen balconies and maids’ rooms get their fair share of understated luxury thanks to the fresh flooring and skirting. Furthermore, all bathrooms are finished with elegant ceramic tiles, while guest bathrooms are designed with extra special care, with marble as a finish for an extravagant feel. To accentuate the apartments’ modernity, all entrance doors are of superior quality and enjoy a classic wood finish. The painted finish of internal doors gives them a sense of freshness.

Given that the kitchens are probably the most important part of the house, they received an extra attention to detail. They were all custom-made by “My Kitchen” which made sure their high-end designs were of the utmost luxury, installing nothing but the highest quality accessories that come with a 10-year warranty. All the features in White’s apartments are of top quality, including the sanitary fixtures, mixers and stylish basic accessories in the bathrooms. Each apartment is equipped with an individual electric hot water storage tank as well as the best centralized ventilation system with free discharge on facades, thus making it the ultimate home that provides its owner with comfort and makes their day-to-day life easier and better.

The residential project also includes all the basic common mechanical installations, from the water well to the water treatment system and water tanks in the basement and on the roofs, not to mention the security measures such as the fire extinguishing system which comprises a hose reel cabinet. In addition, the apartments’ surrounding greenery enjoys a clever irrigation system, while a highly effective ventilation system was installed in the basement.